Tooth and Gum-Fluoride Free Ointment

Natures Natural toothache bad breath halitosis sensitive teeth

Natures Natural™ Tooth & Gum-Fluoride Free Ointment

Natures Natural

Tooth & Gum Ointment

A concentrated ointment for toothache containing essential plant oils, formulated by tooth and gum expert health specialists. Providing relief from toothache, sensitive teeth, bad breath, gingivitis, bleeding receding gums and helps with teeth whitening.

Can be used as a mouthwash and/ or applied as an ointment. Made with 100% natural ingredients. Start your day smiling…

Discover the incredibly effective natural remedy for bad breath, tooth and gum pain and sensitive teeth. Within minutes of using the product you will importantly notice fresher and cleaner breath. Furthermore your confidence, self-esteem and enthusiasm will literally give you the smile that lasts forever…

Oil pulling is an ancient practice, that involves swishing oil in your mouth, to remove bacteria and promote oral hygiene. Benefits of oil pulling with ‘Nature’s Natural tooth and gum fluoride free ointment’ includes:

For pain relief and to prevent a variety of common tooth and gum problems. 


10 home remedies for toothache

10 proven ways to treat a toothache and relieve pain fast

  • TOOTHACHE– Stops and relieves tooth pain fast, Sensitive teeth, Gum disease, Gingivitis, Oral pain.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO BAD BREATH / HALITOSIS– Stay Fresh & Clean. Fix the root cause of bad breath and start your day smiling.
  • WHITER TEETH– whiten teeth & boost confidence and self esteem.
  • BENEFITS– A quick and inexpensive remedy for bad breath, sensitive teeth and tooth pain: firmer, tighter, healthier, stronger teeth and gums.