Natures Natural™ Prostate Wellbeing Kit- large

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Natures Natural™ Prostate Wellbeing Kit- large




Natures Natural™ Prostate Wellbeing Kit- large

The Prostate Wellbeing Prevention Kit includes:

Large Package: e-book, 6 x 50 grams of various herbs, 1 x 30ml Prostate Cream, 1 x 30ml vitamin D cream, 2 x Naturi-Agra supplement.

The essential guide ‘Prostate issues: The five element prevention guide’ (e-book).

Why prostate issues or prostate cancer? What is the prostate & where is it located? Why prevention? I have difficulty getting an erection, will this guide help? YES. How do I get rid of prostate issues? What should I be doing about this issue? What herbs should I be taking and why? How can I reduce/eliminate these prostate symptoms? Stress reduction & elimination, ejaculation regulation & control.

Prostate Cream- An effective cream to be applied to the penis, scrotum, perineum  and in the fork of the thighs to reduce/eliminate pain and inflammation of the prostate, and soothe the area.

Vitamin D cream- A high strength approx. 5,000iu per gram vitamin D2 & Ginger Mineral Cream, to effectively penetrate into the skin to nourish and replenish vitamin D and mineral content. Research linked death rates from aggressive forms of prostate cancer to low levels of vitamin D. The evidence as documented in the ‘prevention guide’ explains why vitamin D deficiency is a factor.

Teas/Tonics- A variety of herbs to be made in the form of teas and tonics. Drink a tea (2-4 times daily) made of equal parts of the various herbs (included), with instructions how to prepare and frequency of ingestion as documented in the ‘prevention guide’. The herbs are used for: urinary tract infections, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, increases urine flow, relieves fluid retention and for painful urination.

Pelvic floor exercises- (as documented in the ‘prevention guide’)– This will assist with strengthening and controlling your urination, bladder and bowel. Also Problems getting or keeping an erection as the quality of your erections will improve.

2 x Naturi-Agra Supplement (Natural Male Enhancement)- A natural erection supplement for maximum strength, healthy long-lasting erections. For increased testosterone and improved sexual health, vitality and stamina.


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