e-book: Prostate issues: the five element prevention guide

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e-book: Prostate issues: the five element prevention guide


The E-book ‘Prostate issues: The Five Element Prevention Guide’, concerns issues relative to the prostate, that if not addressed can potentially lead to undesirable consequences including prostate cancer and difficulty getting and/or keeping an erection. Practical solutions are therefore identified and explained as related to the ‘five element prevention guide’. These elements if adopted and practiced consistently, assures a positive outcome and a reduction and/or elimination of those symptoms as related to prostate issues.

The E-book is an extremely important element of the ‘prostate well-being kit’ and the ‘prostate cream’. Ideally the book should be read in conjunction with the utilisation of the well-being kit and/or the prostate cream, which will assist you to:

Reduce and eliminate ailments of the prostate– by providing a wealth of information, including a selection of the necessary natural herbs known to eliminate bladder and urinary tract infections, increase urine flow, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, relieve fluid retention and painful urination.

Reduce and eliminate all so-called stressor’s from your life: see chapter ‘The stress phenomenon- Cortisol is a wacko’.

‘Ejaculation control and regulation’: This will assist with controlling the frequency of your ejaculations, maintaining erections and increasing your essence and vitality.

Pursue an anti-cancerous dietary lifestyle: see chapter ‘Let thy food by thy medicine’.

Vitamin D deficiency and restoration: Research linked death rates from aggressive forms of prostate cancer to low levels of vitamin D. The evidence as documented in the ‘prevention guide’ explains exactly what is going on, why vitamin D deficiency is a factor, and how to reduce your risk level by utilising vitamin D. See chapter ‘Vitamin D deficiency’.

Prostate exercise: This will assist with strengthening and controlling your urination, bladder and bowel. Also Problems getting or keeping an erection as the quality of your erections will improve. See chapter ‘Prostate exercise’.

General conclusions: By understanding the information within the various chapters of the book and combining this information with the practical daily solutions provided within the prostate well-being kit and/or the prostate cream, assures a positive outcome and a reduction and or elimination in those symptoms as related to prostate issues.



Why prostate issues? What is the prostate & where is it located? Why prevention? I have difficulty getting an erection, will this guide help? YES. How do I get rid of prostate issues? What should I be doing about this issue? What herbs should I be taking and why? How can I reduce/eliminate these prostate symptoms? Stress reduction & elimination, ejaculation regulation & control and testosterone.

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