Natures Natural – Tooth & Gum Fluoride Free Ointment 5ml

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Natures Natural – Tooth & Gum Fluoride Free Ointment 5ml




Natures Natural™ Tooth & Gum-Fluoride Free Ointment 5 ml –

A concentrated ointment containing essential plant oils, formulated by tooth and gum expert health specialists. Providing relief from toothache, sensitive teeth, bad breath, gingivitis, bleeding receding gums and helps with teeth whitening.
Can be used as a mouthwash and/ or applied as an ointment. 
Made with 100% natural ingredients. Start your day smiling.

  • Toothache -stops and relieves tooth pain fast, sensitive teeth, gingivitis, gum disease, oral pain
  • Bad breath– refresh your mouth with the longer lasting extra strength peppermint flavor
  • Whiter teeth– whiten your teeth.
  • Benefits-firmer tighter healthier teeth and gums, healthier stronger teeth.

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