Tooth & Gum Fluoride Free Ointment

TOOTHACHE Stops and relieves tooth & gum pain fast with our rapid relief instant bacterial flush dental ointment. Sensitive tooth & oral pain remedy. Vegan Fluoride-Free Product.

SAY GOODBYE TO bad breath. Fixes the root cause of halitosis and removes mouth odor, keeping you fresh & clean.

WHITER TEETH Contains natural teeth whitening elements, boost confidence and self-esteem.

BENEFITS An exceptional fast & effective vegan sourced self-treatment remedy, that stops discomfort and toothaches. For immediate pain relief and to prevent a variety of common tooth and gum problems. A refreshing minty aroma proven to help with healthier, firmer, tighter, whiter stronger teeth and gums. Suitable for children.

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  • Is re-occurring tooth and gum pain causing you distress?
  • Is sensitive teeth causing you discomfort?
  • Sick and tired of feeling embarrassed about bad breath?
  • Enjoy socialising with fresh breath. 

10 home remedies for toothache

10 proven ways to treat a toothache and relieve pain fast

Prostate Problems Natural Help

Eliminate your prostate issues/symptoms: straining while urinating, incomplete emptying, weak stream, urinary intermittency, frequency, urgency.

Prostate issues, erectile dysfunction remedies

If you have prostate issues or symptoms, you can immediately start the process of healing through natural remedies, to effectively reduce and eliminate your symptoms, rather than waiting for your symptoms to get progressively worse.

The prostate cream eliminates bacteria lodged throughout the area, which is expelled during urination (diuretic properties), resulting in the reduction and elimination of the symptoms. 


The special formulated cream consists of a shea base infused with natural herbal extracts known for their anti-inflammatory properties, helping to shrink prostate tissue, increase urine flow, relieve fluid retention and ease painful urination.

  • Stops and prevents urinary tract infections and soothes inflamed surfaces.
  • To be used in the morning and before retiring to bed (dependent upon IPSS).

To be applied to the external genitalia (penis, scrotum, urethra), perineum & to be massaged into the fork of the thighs, to reduce and eliminate pain, for relief, relaxation, healing and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Natures Natural self help prostate information and products assists with eliminating prostate issues. Utilise the International Prostate Symptom Score’ (IPSS) questionnaire, to better understand the severity of your prostate symptoms. It is based on seven (7) questions, each relating to different symptoms you may be experiencing. Score each question, then the values are added together to give an indication of the severity of your symptoms.

Your IPSS is helpful in monitoring any improvements, as one can objectively verify the benefit(s) of the prostate cream’s capacity to reduce and eliminate your prostate symptoms, by retesting yourself periodically and witnessing a lower score and reduced symptoms.


Vitamin D Deficiency & Restoration

Applying Vitamin D2 & Ginger Mineral Cream  penetrates the skin and the underlying blood vessels to effectively nourish and replenish your vitamin D and mineral content the natural way.

Vitamin D sufficiency is a constant factor in life to maintain health and wellbeing. Our bodies do not get enough sunlight throughout the year, resulting in our vitamin D levels remaining ultra low and seriously deficient.

  • People with chronic diseases and digestive disorders absorb vitamin D capsules poorly, and therefore do not increase their levels sufficiently.
  • Others suffer after taking capsules with nausea and other gastrointestinal problems.


High dose of vitamin D (200,000 iu +) raises vitamin D levels to around 40 ng/ml and lasts for around 90 days.  To view the evidence based ‘randomised control trial chart’ concerning this data, click here.

Without vitamin D sufficiency:

  • Bones become thin, brittle or mishapen, back pain, dry skin, fatigue & tiredness, muscle weakness, cardiovascular disease, asthma, depression, getting sick or infected often.